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Rollover Leather Works

Tinder, Jazzmine and Family Wecome you to Rollover Leatherworks!!!

Home of the one of a kind hand made Leather Dog Collars.

Made with great care and attention in our Home Leather Studio.

All Collar And Leash designs are tested for a minimum of 3 months on our German Shepheard Tinder 110lbs, and our Dutch Shepheard Jazzmine 75lbs. She is the boss. Lol. Both are wild and crazy but mellowing with age. They scratch, chew, pull the collars and leashes. We test for strengh, durability and overall appearance. Many designs do not make the cut!!

We use an 8 ounce durable natural hide leather from Tandy Leather. We use strong metal Equine Hardware and Buckles, Steel Machine Thread Chicago Screws and Industrial Steel Snaps.

We do no recommend getting the Leather Wet.

We are currently updating and adding items everday.

Please stay tuned we hope to be finished soon!!



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